Alma Consulting Group

Alma Consulting Group (recently rebranded Ayming), is one of the UK’s leading research and development specialists, representing the largest specialist tax team of its kind in Europe.  

The requirement

As a leading R&D tax specialist, the client wanted to highlight its expertise and leverage its insight by producing an informative, thought-provoking piece of content that would appeal to all UK businesses.

The content

As a result of many companies missing out on R&D claims due to a lack of understanding of what they’re entitled to claim, the decision was made to tackle these information gaps and misunderstandings by producing a myth buster download.

After interviewing the client, I produced an insightful, three-page eguide that tackles the top three myths surrounding R&D in a chatty, yet informative way.

The results

The client has been provided with a compelling piece of content that addresses the main stumbling blocks that so many of its customers tend to face. Taking the myth buster/advisory approach also positions the client as the ‘go-to’ expert on R&D as opposed to simply giving readers the hard sell.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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