Amdaris is a rapidly expanding multinational software development company. With offices in the UK, Romania and Moldova, it combines deep technology expertise, solutions architecture capability, development and program management skills that deliver best-in class solutions.

The requirement

As well as providing Amdaris with a new brand platform and website that showcased its expertise and experience, the client also required a bank of regular, ongoing technical content that engaged its target audience.

The content

In particular, one of the pieces of content I wrote for this client was a top of the funnel white paper specifically aimed at helping development managers save time and money through their enterprise architecture.

The results

The white paper not only addresses the key challenges faced by development managers, but provides them with practical advice on how they can implement an effective enterprise-level architecture that’s easy to follow and, more importantly, highly relevant to the target audience.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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