Daco hand controllers

Daco is a specialist engineering company that’s been established for over 30 years. It prides itself on delivering the highest quality specialist hand controllers – with the fastest turnaround times and the most responsive customer service.

The requirement

Daco bolstered the services it provides at its Michigan facility by launching a brand new contract electro-mechanical/electronic assembly service specialising in J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 Class 3 assemblies. The client wanted to raise awareness of this new service among its existing US customer base.

The content

I was tasked with producing an eshot that would a) communicate the new offering to the existing client base and b) be compelling enough for them to want to find out more and ultimately, place an order.

I achieved this by immediately engaging the reader with an intriguing question that centred around one of their main pain points. This was subsequently followed up with concise content that clearly highlighted the benefits of them using the service. This included recommending the inclusion of a promotional PS message at the end of the eshot and including clear call to actions. As it was an eshot, I also drafted two different, but equally compelling subject lines to enable A/B testing.

The results

The client was provided with an eshot that clearly communicates the benefits of its new electro-mechanical/electronics assembly service to its existing customers, contains a strong promotional hook and clear call to actions.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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