Purplebricks is the world’s first 24/7 estate agent, providing people with a fairer, more transparent and convenient way to buy, sell or let their properties.

Unlike traditional estate agents, it doesn’t charge a percentage of property sale prices or operate from branches, instead the pioneering brand enables customers to carry out all of their property transactions online.

The requirement

Always keen to make sure its communications are regularly reviewed and kept up-to-date, Purplebricks got in touch because they needed their UK transactional emails reworking.

These are the emails customers receive from Purplebricks as they progress along their online journey. They can vary from simply providing an update, to asking people to take action.

The solution

As there was such a large amount of emails to work on (100+) I updated them in batches.

The project involved providing new content for the subject headers, banners, body copy and call to actions.

And as well as refreshing the copy, making sure it made sense and was written in Plain English, I needed to make sure that it reflected the brand’s tone of voice.

Nailing the tone of voice was crucial, as it needed to strike the right balance between being professional, friendly and light-hearted, without coming across as being cheesy.


All of Purplebricks’ 100+ UK transactional emails are easy to read, have been written in Plain English, follow the brand’s tone of voice and contain language that’s consistent from email-to-email.

We worked so well together on updating the UK emails, that I was subsequently given a second project from Purplebricks – to review and refine the US versions of their transactional emails!

The brand recently launched in the US and, as with its UK emails, wanted to make sure that its US emails were up-to-date, used the right language and tone of voice, were engaging and helped guide customers along their Purplebricks journey with ease.



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