Media 5

Media 5 provides retailers with tailored digital solutions that give their customers the online experience they’re looking for in-store. From concept to delivery and beyond, they provide the insight and support that is required to be at the forefront of changing consumer behaviour.

The requirement

Media 5 wanted to generate awareness of its retail digital technology expertise among retailers on a wider scale. From a content perspective, this involved developing a new brand proposition and website content that clearly communicated its key messages and the benefits of partnering with Media 5 to retailers.

The content

One of the first pieces of work I focused on was producing key messages and brand values that clearly communicated why retailers should choose Media 5 over the competition. With technology shaping consumers’ shopping experience, it was essential that shoppers’ understanding of digital technology and their expectations were addressed from the outset.
I then used the brand platform as the basis for the website content, ensuring that any particularly technical language and information was communicated in Plain English throughout, and that the customer journey was logical and clear.

My work also involved producing a content plan that targeted Media 5’s main buyer personas with top, middle and bottom of the funnel copy. I was also the lead writer for the ongoing blog content that tackled subjects, ranging from why retailers should implement retail digital technology, to how they can identify the best approach for their store.

The results

The client has been provided with a new brand platform and website that clearly communicates why, how and what is Media 5, a defined set of brand values and key messages and ongoing content that resonates with its main buyer personas. The ongoing thought leadership content has also significantly helped raise awareness of Media 5 within the retail sector.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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