Amtico offers an unrivalled range of design-led, inspirational and innovative luxury vinyl flooring, ranging from classic to contemporary styles.

Catering for both commercial and residential clients, Amtico is a market leader and the choice of designers, architects and developers across the globe.

The requirement

Amtico needed a radio advert writing for one of its retailers that would be aired across the Cambridgeshire region for 12 months.

The retailer had been provided with some copy by the radio’s scriptwriters however, it wanted something different to what had been proposed and had approached Amtico to see if it could be provided with a new script.


The script had to be written ASAP to ensure it met the radio station’s production timescales.

It also had to be exactly 30 seconds long, promote Amtico’s Signature Collection and not replicate the existing draft advert. However, with no previous copy to refer to, the pressure to produce something that was totally different to the radio station’s first draft, was really on. All I knew was that the advert I produced needed to have the wow factor and be catchy.

The solution

With very limited information to work with, the risk of me producing something that sounded similar to the existing advert copy was high.
Plus, due to the tight turnaround, (I was contacted on the Friday afternoon and needed to submit the script ASAP by the Monday), there was no room for error. The copy needed to be spot on first time around.

I focused on what I did know – the fact that the copy needed to wow and be catchy, target women aged between 30 to 50 ABC1, and have a casual, laid back and chatty tone of voice – and based my narrative on that.

The storyline focused on a mother and daughter, who were out and about designer shopping. However, much to the daughter’s surprise, the designer shopping didn’t involve shopping for Louboutin shoes or Chanel handbags, but Amtico’s Signature Collection designer vinyl.


Amtico’s retailer was provided with a 30-second advert that met their requirements, as well as the tight deadline.

Their feedback? They loved it! In fact, here’s the response I received from Amtico shortly after sharing the script with them:

“Good news, they loved it!! They said they are going to go with it, which is great. Thank you for all your help at such short notice. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.”


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