Solo Expenses

Solo Expenses is the only iPhone and Android mobile phone app specifically created to help sole traders manage their expenses.

The requirement

Solo Expenses wanted to be the main go-to expenses app for sole traders within a market already saturated with expenses apps. The company also wanted a website that it could signpost people to and provide them with more information about the benefits of using Solo Expenses.

The content

I created a set of key messages and brand values for the client that addressed why sole traders should choose Solo Expenses, how Solo Expenses does what it does and what Solo Expenses is. As part of this proposition work, I also determined what their tone of voice should be. In a nutshell, Solo Expenses is ‘Smart expenses tracking for savvy sole traders.’

Using the brand platform as my foundation, I also produced all of the website content that clearly communicated the key messages.

In addition to producing the brand platform and website content, I produced a content plan that targeted readers with top, middle and bottom of the funnel copy, and also helped write the ongoing content.

The results

The client has been provided with a stand-out brand platform that clearly communicates the benefits of using Solo Expenses over similar apps, a website that reinforces these messages and regularly updated content that is highly relevant and engaging.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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