Worcestershire Business Breakfast Club

Worcestershire Business Breakfast Club (WBBC) is one of the longest-running business networking clubs in Worcestershire.

Established since 1989, the club caters for businesses of all sizes and from across all sectors. It meets once a month, giving members the chance to network with like-minded business professionals, as well as share insight and best practice advice.

The requirement

While the club may have been established for almost three decades and has plenty of members, it’s always keen to spread the word and attract new individuals and businesses.

Ideally, WBBC wanted to raise its profile without having to invest in any new resources or spend too much additional time on generating awareness.

The solution

When I first started working with WBBC, it already had a website and social media channels in place however, they weren’t being used to their full potential.

Due to the fact time and resources were limited, we agreed that the most manageable and effective way of raising WBBC’s profile would be to make sure it was getting the most from its existing channels.

This involved making sure that the club blogs every month, regularly posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and points people to its website, wherever possible. And if the club has any headline-generating news, then it’s promoted via the local and regional media.

The results

WBBC’s online and social presence has increased, it’s now blogging on a regular basis and frequently hitting the headlines – and has welcomed some new members too.

As a result of working with SK Copy Co, the club now has:

  • A social media strategy – which involves being provided with a batch of social media posts for each month, a month in advance
  • An on-going blog plan – meaning that it’s keeping its website updated with fresh, new content, as well as generating new copy for its social media posts
  • A PR plan in place – that’s already resulted in it receiving blanket coverage within the local and regional media. Here are just a couple of examples of the coverage it’s received so far:

Here’s what the Chairman of WBBC has to say about working with SK Copy Co:

‘Sanina has been a breath of fresh air for Worcestershire Business Breakfast Club. She’s managed to get us in the headlines on several occasions with her PR services, which has generated new members.

‘She’s extremely professional and efficient with her blog, media relations and social media planning and writing – she’s a real treasure to have at WBBC, helping to move the club forward for all its members.

‘I can highly recommend Sanina with confidence, she’s a huge asset to any business she works with.’



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