Sanina Kaur

Introducing – The Awards Clinic


At the end of every awards ceremony, there are winners and there are losers. The Awards Clinic is designed to make sure you’re part of the winning camp. You’ll find all the details (including our secret formula to winning) right here…

6 positive stories to make you smile

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious and depressed by what’s happening right now (COVID-19), so here are six positive stories to help make you feel better for the next five minutes or so!

[Guest post] How to write readworthy blogs

Believe it or not, blogs are a great way of communicating with your audience during the COVID-19 pandemic. But can you guarantee yours are going to get read? This article, written especially for Next Level, reveals how to write readworthy blogs.

Lockdown learning: Free online PR training

One way to put your current lockdown downtime to good use, is by taking part in some online learning. This blog contains a handy list of online PR training courses you can study for free now.

How to have a Zoom meeting

People are using Zoom video calls more than ever to stay connected during the pandemic. Learn how to create a Zoom account and schedule a meeting in this blog, which provides step-by-step practical advice.

Five-minute focus on voice search


Voice search marketing, also known as voice search optimisation, does exactly what it says on the tin – provides online search results based on voice queries.

Voice searches are carried out using voice recognition technology, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Echo, Microsoft Cortana and, of course, good old Apple Siri.

How to cheat your way to error-free content


We grow up being told cheating’s not the right thing to do. On the whole, this is very true. But in some circumstances, it’s ok to break the rules a teeny tiny bit every now and then, and ‘cheat’ at some things, such as making sure your copy is spot on.

How to avoid making a hash of your hashtags


Hashtags are a fundamental part of writing social media posts. Used correctly, they can make your posts stand out. You can also use them to find relevant content from individuals and businesses. There’s a hashtag for pretty much everything these days.

4 things I love most about freelancing


Sanina Kaur, Director of SK Copy Co, never set out to become a freelancer. She happily worked for public and private sector employers for almost two decades. Then, around 2.5 years ago, she decided she needed a change, one that didn’t involve working for another PR or marketing agency or going in-house again.