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There’s little point in carrying out any form of marketing, be it B2B or B2C, if you don’t get results.

But what should those results look like?

This is a key question, as not everybody measures success in the same way. For some, the end goal can all be about increasing product sales or website traffic, while for others, success is all about ramping up bookings and enquiries.

Measuring marketing effectiveness isn’t straightforward, but it’s not impossible.

Leading Birmingham PR and branding agency, Wyatt International, recently spoke to seven B2B marketing experts (including SK Copy Co) to get our thoughts on the subject.

Our thoughts on the matter…

As we’ve just established, B2B marketing ROI can be measured in many ways, but in our eyes, it’s essential you do the following before you start measuring:

  1. Identify all of your customer touchpoints and decide on which ones you’re going to monitor and;
  2. Make sure you’re measuring the right data and that it’s accurate and complete.

Must-have metric 1: Customer touchpoints


Where companies have multiple touchpoints, it’s not uncommon for some of these points to be overlooked because there are too many of them to factor in. B2B campaigns are potentially more prone to involve more touchpoints than B2C campaigns, as the sales cycles tend to be longer.

And the more touchpoints there are, the more challenging it can be to decide which ones to capture and how. Without this clarity, ROI measurement can be significantly compromised.

Must-have metric 2: Data integrity


Data has the power to help marketing campaigns achieve so much, but not if it’s inaccurate or incomplete. Both of these areas can lead to unclear and generic results that provide little ROI value.

What’s more, the right data needs to be measured using the right methods to provide any form of lead generation substance.

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