Balance Box

Balance Box is a national diet food delivery company that has attracted widespread acclaim from national media critics and celebrities. Using only fresh, ethically sourced ingredients cooked by its expert chefs and nutritionists, Balance Box is designed to make people feel healthier, lose weight and save time. 

The requirement

Balance Box wanted to raise awareness of its offering among its target audience across specific boroughs within London. It particularly wanted to generate increased awareness of its healthy eating plans and boost orders by creating a highly engaging direct mail leaflet.

The content

Bearing in mind I had limited space to work with (an A5 double-sided leaflet), the copy needed to be concise, but carry enough information to encourage people to take the next step, visit the website and sign up.
One thing I also had to consider was that there was no control over which way the leaflet was going to land once it had been posted through people’s letterboxes. In order to create a compelling leaflet I needed to ensure the content:

  • Followed a logical structure and flow according to where the eye needed to go
  • Was easy to digest and not too overwhelming
  • Contained headers that also acted as strong headlines
  • Incorporated enough, but not too many proof points (testimonial quotes on both sides), to help convert people into becoming a customer

The results

Within days of being distributed, the leaflet generated double figure sign ups. Previously, sign ups had typically been around a handful.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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