ScS is a UK home furnishings retailer, specialising in sofas, carpets and flooring, dining and occasional furniture. The company has been established since 1894 and has more than 90 nationwide stores.

 The requirement

We were asked to add some more insight articles to the Inspiration Hub. Ranging in length and format, the articles were designed to showcase the widest range of products and tap into the very latest trending topics.

The solution

Working with ScS on an ongoing basis, we produced a batch of articles every month based on briefs shared by the marketing team.

The copy needed to:

  • Incorporate certain keywords and phrases
  • Highlight and link to relevant product pages
  • Grab readers’ attention and imagination
  • Include user generated content (UGC)
  • Be illustrated by plenty of imagery
  • Capture ScS’ tone of voice

The results

We received our bank of briefs every month and provided ScS with the articles within the required timeframes. As well as producing content that nailed the briefs, we added value by:

  1. Creating compelling headlines, sub headings and call to actions.
  2. Using different formats to prevent the articles from being too samey.
  3. Making sure the copy was SEO-optimised without readers realising it.
  4. Coming up with ideas for other articles.
  5. Selecting the UGC and providing image recommendations.
  6. Choosing products to highlight based on the copy.
  7. Identifying and linking to other ScS content.

Given our experience, ScS’ marketing team briefed in the articles every month and didn’t have to worry about them.

We accurately interpreted and delivered on all of the briefs and developed a streamlined process that meant ScS didn’t have to check in on us all of the time. They could trust us to deliver what was required every month. They received minimal queries from us too.

What’s more, most of the articles could be uploaded without having to be amended, and if they did, it was just a case of making a few small tweaks here and there.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the articles we produced

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**Case study update**

ScS has been back in touch with us to brief us in on a slightly different content-related task. Rather than writing articles, we’ve been recreating existing Inspiration Hub articles in the back end of the website. This has involved us getting up to speed with the company’s CMS system and using our creative judgement to reproduce articles in line with new brand and design guidelines.



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