Hartog Hutton

Renowned across East Anglia as a master contractor and residential developer, Hartog Hutton provides a premium service to homeowners and landowners looking to create exceptional homes.

The requirement 

Hartog Hutton wanted to stand out in their field, and in order to achieve this, they wanted a new brand look and feel, updated proposition and brand new website. Importantly, it was essential that the client wasn’t portrayed as just any housebuilder, but as a master contractor that provides clients with a premium service.

The content

I produced a set of key messages and brand values for the client that didn’t just showcase their expertise, but leveraged their personable service and family-run business ethos. As part of this proposition work, I also determined what their tone of voice should be, which included positioning them as being confident, positive and friendly and knowledgeable.

As we were communicating to several different target audiences, ranging from professional homeowners to land referrers, I also produced a set of audience-based messaging that set out the pain points of each of the personas and Hartog Hutton’s tailored key messages. 

Using the brand platform as my foundation, I also produced all of the website content, ensuring that it clearly communicated the key messages to the relevant target audiences.

In addition to producing the brand platform and website content, I developed a content plan that targeted readers with top, middle and bottom of the funnel copy. I also helped write the ongoing content, which included case studies, blogs and specification sheets.

The results

In response to the key messages the client said: ‘The key messages are cracking. I never would have come up with it in a million years. Spot on.’

Within months of completing our work, which also included wider activity including marketing strategy conducted by the wider team, the client’s order books were full.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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