Pozament is the specialist construction products division of Tarmac, delivering the highest quality and most innovative pre-blended materials.

The requirement 

In addition to wider marketing activity, Pozament wanted to keep its website updated with up-to-date ongoing content, ranging from regular case studies, to infographics and blog posts.

The content

Taking Pozament’s main buyer personas, I created a dedicated content plan that mapped out regular content posts that targeted the personas according to where they were in their customer journey.

I also paid particular attention to ensuring the content was as engaging as possible by ensuring that the titles addressed the personas’ main challenges. The plan also incorporated a range of different types of content, which I was solely responsible for producing.

The results

Pozament’s website has been kept regularly updated with a wide mix of informative and educational top, middle and bottom of the funnel content specifically tailored for its main buyer personas.


* I worked as senior copywriter/senior content manager on this client alongside the team at Cognition.


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