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We’re really passionate about helping future copywriters, PR professionals and digital marketers carve out a great career for themselves.

While we may not be able to give them a job at SK Copy Co central at present because the team’s already expanded considerably over the last few months, we can take the time to share our insight with them.

“It’s really easy for us all to get caught up with our busy work schedules and day-to-day routines without taking a minute to stop and think about how we can help people who are looking to get their big break,” explains Sanina Kaur, SK Copy Co Director.

“Supporting the next generation of industry professionals doesn’t have to take hours-upon-hours. Of course, if you have more time to give, that’s great, but if you haven’t, an hour here or there can make a positive difference.”

Matching students with successful mentors

Sanina is one of several business professionals across the Midlands who provides Birmingham City University students with dedicated mentoring support. The programme links students from across the university with working professionals; some work for themselves (like Sanina) while others are employed by some of the UK’s most successful businesses.

Mentors can give their mentees as little or as much support as they’re able to. This can range from having one or multiple monthly meetings, to supporting with practical tasks, such as applying for jobs, perfecting their CV, helping them secure work experience or putting them in touch with valuable contacts.

And when life is ‘normal’ and we’re not all in lockdown, students can experience live working situations and carry out tasks at their mentor’s workplace.


Providing valuable opportunities and insight  

At the time of writing this blog, Sanina had been matched with a Third Year Bachelor of Arts English with Honours student, who she’d already had several mentoring sessions with. And her mentee, who wants to break into the world of publishing, was currently working on her first proofreading project, which had been made possible through the professional mentoring relationship.

She’s delighted with the support she’s received so far, and for having secured her first publishing project:

“Sanina has been a super helpful mentor. Her experience means she has lots of ideas around how I can make myself visible to employers. She’s very supportive of my career goals and is always giving me that extra push to fulfil my potential, which helps me to have more faith in myself.

“Our meetings are productive because we round up what I’ve achieved so far and plan my next steps.”

Helping students secure their dream job

Sanina concludes: “It’s amazing how something that’s second nature to you might be something that’s actually extremely valuable to your mentee because it provides them with a real-life view of the type of work they want to do.

“What may be a couple of hours out of my work schedule every month, can potentially help future professionals land the job they’ve always wanted. And it can give them a head start along their desired career path when they do graduate.”

For more information about BCU’s professional mentoring programme, visit or email

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